STEAM Investigating Questions:

1.        How did NASA engineered Juno to arrive on Jupiter?

2.        Why do we come from the evolution of monkeys?

3.        Why does 0 (zero) comes before 1 (one)?

4.        How was time invented?

5.        Why do we dream?

6.        Why do I feel dizzy when I spin?

7.        What causes lightening?

8.        Why is our planet named Earth?

9.        Why are tears salty?

10.     Why are some people colour blind?

11.     Why is the sky blue?

12.     Why can’t animals make their own food?

13.     Where does thunder come from?

14.     Why is gravity different throughout the universe?

15.     Why doesn''t gravity affect clouds?

16.     How do colours exist and why are some people colour blind?

17.     How does evolution work?

18.     Why don''t we feel the earth moving?

19.     Why is helium lighter than air?

20.     Why are countries all different shapes and sizes?

21.     Why do we run at different speeds?

22.     Can we travel to other galaxies?

23.     Why am I here?

24.     Is there life elsewhere?

25.     Why do we have the ozone layer?

26.     How far out you have to travel from Earth to gravity not work anymore?

27.     Why salt affecting freezing point of water?

28.     How much light do a seed need to germinate?

29.     How did life on Earth would be if the giant meteorite had not struck us 64 million years ago?

30.     Why is a balloon heavier with air inside?

31.     Why Mars is red?

32.     Why can’t we breathe in space?

33.     Why the sun is so bright?

34.     Why do we flow in space?

35.     Why the sun is so hot?

36.     Why are stars so far away?

37.     Why are there so many stars?

38.     How do planes and helicopters know where they are and which way to go?

39.      Why are humans born so small?

40.     What do we make robots for?

41.      Can a black hole suck a star or a planet?

42.      Why are electrons so small?

43.      How was lava created?

44.     How did the big bang happen?

45.     How was the eye of Jupiter formed?

46.     Why do planets not collide?

47.     Why don’t we fall into space when we travel around the earth?

48.     Why do we have technology?

49.     Why can’t we fly?

50.     Why are there so few volcanoes?

51.     Why does the earth go round and round?

52.     Why doesn’t the sea freeze at Christmas?

53.     Why do we have earthquakes?

54.     Why don’t appliances work during a blackout?

55.     Why is lava liquid and flows?

56.     Why do electric short-circuits create sparks?

57.     Why do rainbows create arcs?

58.     Why can a tiny bullet kill someone?

59.     How come heavy ships do not sink?

60.     How can bees fly with such tiny wings?

61.     Why do sea weeds go upwards?

62.      Why is there gravity?

63.      Why do planets rotate around the sun and not the other way around?

64.     Why don’t birds sweat when they fly for a long time?

65.     How was the universe created?

66.     Why don’t we get dizzy as the earth goes around?

67.     Why can’t we hold our breath longer underwater?

68.     How the voice transfer throw telephone?

69.     How ancient Greek made the Antikythera mechanism?

70.     What causes storm?

71.     Why is a lemon sour?

72.     Is pressure necessary to launch the rocket?

73.     Why are potatoes so common in some countries?

74.     Why can people lie on „Fakir’s Bed”?

75.     Why does a volcanic eruption cause, in some cases, an earthquake?

76.     Why does the current flow in a closed circuit and not in an open one?

77.     How is a rainbow formed and why does it appear after a rainfall?

78.     Why and how can an image be projected through a magnifying glass?

79.     Why did the dinosaurs disappear?

80.     Why does a coin put at the bottom of an empty bowl is not visible, but it becomes visible if we fill the bowl with water?

81.     What is the air?

82.     How does a hot air balloon fly?

83.     Why don’t oil and water  mix?

84.     What’s the origin of the clouds?

85.     Has the air a weight?

86.     How do plants feed themselves?

87.     How does the Earth revolve around the sun?

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